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Wholesale Welsh Cards & Wholesale English Cards

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Wholesale Welsh and English Greetings cards.  Celtic Reflections offers retailers a beautiful and unique selection of Welsh cards, designed and printed in West Wales.


As retailers ourselves here in West Wales, we had always found difficulty finding a good source of Welsh cards, so, some 15 years ago, decided to design and produce our own range. We have been supplying retailers throughout Wales for many years.


Our cards are 178 mm x 130 mm (approximately 7" x 5") and are printed on beautiful smooth, quality 330 gsm card stock.  Each card  with envelope is fully sealed in a quality cellobag.


Cards are available in multiples of six per design.  Although all cards on this website

are shown in Welsh, they are also available in English.


If you have any special requests for alternative wording on any of the cards,

just let us know.


Please contact us for wholesale prices.




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